Cambridge photos AKA when mistakes turn out better than the original plan!

I had to go to a work thingy at Cambridge University so took my Holga 120WPC to grab a few shots before I left. Cambridge was beautiful and I wanted to capture some of the features that made it famous, such as the historic buildings, parks, tourists and multitude of bicycles. I took my tripod and took ages framing shots for interest. However, I made a stupid mistake and after six shots when the film should have ended I realised I had wound the film wrong and all my images would be overlapping and probably a mess. I could have kicked myself (or someone else…rage!) Very frustrating! I didn’t have time to shoot another film as it was beginning to get dark. I put off developing the film for two weeks as I couldn’t face the disappointment; however, now I have developed the film I really like the results!

img185-2As the images were merged I had to make decisions about where to cut the film, I am happy with my choices.

The image below is my favourite:img185-3img188





3 thoughts on “Cambridge photos AKA when mistakes turn out better than the original plan!

    1. Well with the Holga 120Wpc because the image is 12 by 6 ( twice as wide as a normal Holga pic) you are supposed to shoot pictures at number 1, 3, 5, 7, 9 and 11 only. However I forgot and went 1, 2, 3, 4 etc which meant the frames overlapped by 50 percent! This effect could be achieved on any camera that let’s you partially wind between shots. It’s similar to the holgarama images you see online. Hope that helps

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